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Bear Smoke BBQ was born out of over 30 years of cooking passion. While BBQing for charity events, friends, parties and co-workers for fun; requests to buy sauce grew steadily to the point that I decided to start bottling the sauce and bring my sauces to the public. Each batch of Sauces and Rubs are hand crafted in small batches with the highest quality ingredients  to ensure that the quality of our products are always up to our high standards. All of our products are free of additives, preservatives, MSG and High Fructose Corn Syrup. We are proud to be a family owned and operated small business based out of Charlotte, NC.

We proudly make all of our sauces here in North Carolina with nothing but the finest ingredients and we like to have a little fun while we do it. At Bear Smoke BBQ we also give back to the community, with 100% of our profits going to local charities in Charlotte, NC.

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    Amazing flavors! Great on anything! Just enough spice in every bottle!

    - Dawn B

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    Best dman sauce I've had, I put the #5 Mustard sauce on everything. It's addictive.

    - Tom M.

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    The Bear Blend seasoning is amazing, it goes on everything and make it better!

    - Wil V.

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    I would give you 5 Stars but I think my husband will get jealous. I love all of the sauces but the Swine is my favorite.

    - Anonymous

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It runs in the Family

I can't take all of the credit for our amazing product line-up, these 2 amazing children of mine are responsible for the #2 Cam Cam and the #4 Sticky Sweet BBQ Sauces. Without these two by myside for 6 months making test batch after test batch until we perfected our recipes, we would have never made it into production.

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What makes Bear Smoke BBQ different

  • Ingredients

    We use only the highest quality all natural ingredients in our products. All of our products are free of preservatives, additives and high fructose corn syrup.

  • Quality

    We believe in quality over quantity. This is why we make all of our sauces in small batches to ensure that every bottle is up to our standard.

  • Family

    Bear Smoke BBQ is a family business and has provide an additional avenue for our family to spend time together.

  • Giving Back

    After initially giving only a portion of our sales to charity we have decided to give all of our profits to local Charities. Giving Back is important to us.

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