Bear Smoke BBQ - Small Batch BBQ Rub Sampler Pack
Bear Smoke BBQ - Rub and Seasoning Bundle - Barbecue rubs and Seasoning

Bear Smoke BBQ - Small Batch Barbecue Rub Sampler

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When you can't decide between 1, 2 or even 3 of our rubs/seasonings just pick up the sampler pack and save 20%.

Sampler pack includes 4oz bottles of each of our BBQ Rubs and Bear Blend Seasoning.

Rub No.1 - Original BBQ
Rub No.2 - Angry Bear Hot BBQ
Rub No.3 - Sweet Honey BBQ
Bear Blend Everyday Seasoning

 * all rubs and seasonings are packaged by net weight of the product, this will lead to different fill heights in the bottles.